Current Mentors

As a mentor, your support is invaluable to the ICAS Foundation.

Upcoming Diary Dates

  • End December / early January: Quarterly Mentoring Log due (to match with student Half-Year Report).
  • End March: Quarterly Mentoring Log due.
  • End June: Quarterly Mentoring Log due (to match with student End-Year Report).
  • End September: Quarterly Mentoring Log due.

During the academic year, please meet with your student on a monthly basis. At the moment, we recommend all mentoring meetings should take place remotely by video-call if possible or phone call as a suitable alternative. If you would like to meet in person with your mentee, we  would ask you to confirm that you are both comfortable meeting face to face, and do so in a safe way that recognises the continued risks of Covid-19.

Over the summer, when students may have returned home, you can stay in touch by video call, email or phone. Please record any support conversations held over this period, including an exam results review meeting held soon after results are released, so that we can track what support is taking place during the summer period. You should then hold a formal meeting with your student in September at the start of the new academic year.

Mentor Communications

  • Our quarterly Mentor eNewsletters are scheduled for distribution in early March, early June, early September and late November / early December each year.
  • The Foundation supports a LinkedIn group where you can share useful information and questions with your fellow mentors, and catch up on the latest Foundation updates. If you haven't yet joined, please request access by clicking here.
  • If you would like to discuss your mentoring experiences and your student's progress, please contact Amy Drysdale, Head of Volunteering and Programmes, via

Data Protection

A few reminders about ICAS Foundation policy and best practice:

  • Please make sure you have a record of a student's permission before sharing their contact details with any other individual.
  • All mentor logs should be password protected with the ICAS Foundation set password, so if your log is not protected, please get in touch. Please do not include your password when returning your log, as this could provide an unauthorised person with access to your confidential log.
  • Any hard copy records should be shredded after use.
  • If you store mentoring records in your work computer or use your work email address to contact your student, it is your responsibility if leaving your job to ensure all personal information regarding your student is permanently deleted before your departure, with files removed from both your computer and any automated system backups.
  • If you have any queries regarding our data protection policy, please contact us at
  • Details of the ICAS Foundation privacy policy can be found on our website.

Useful Documents