'Nurturing Talent' Programme - Starting Out

What benefits do I get from being part of the ‘Nurturing Talent’ programme?

The ICAS Foundation will provide you with:

  • Support from our staff to help maintain your place on our programme.
  • Support from a volunteer mentor, who can help with your personal and career development.
  • Access to our exclusive events programme, with opportunities to meet accountancy professionals and others involved with the ICAS Foundation.
  • Regular email updates about opportunities which may be of interest or benefit to you.

Your place on the ICAS Foundation programme has been awarded for the period stated in your offer of support paperwork. If you meet the conditions set out in that paperwork, you will keep your place on the programme throughout your time at university. You do not have to re-apply on an annual basis for our support, but please remember that you do have to re-apply each year for your government-supported student funding.

What are the expectations of me as an ICAS Foundation student?

As one of our students, you are an important ambassador for the Foundation, so we expect that you will:

  • Meet the conditions of funding, which you will have received as part of your offer of support paperwork.
  • Engage with us, including responding promptly to our communications and within deadlines.
  • Engage with your mentor, including attending meetings and responding promptly to their communications.
  • Always behave appropriately, treating our staff, volunteers and those working with us with respect.
  • Achieve academic grades averaging above 60% throughout your time at university.
  • Participate in promotional activities and attend ICAS Foundation-arranged events.


All students on the ICAS Foundation programme are required to meet the conditions of our support, which are set out in the Letter of Conditions issued when you join the programme.  This includes informing us about any change in your circumstances, including changes to your household income or any support you may be offered by your university, and any change in contact details. There is more information about the conditions of our support, and the types of changes in circumstances you might experience, in our Welcome Guide for New Students.

Useful Documents

You can download these documents via the links below: