ICAS Admissions Ceremony and Dinner 2024

In Spring each year, ICAS celebrates the entry of new Chartered Accountants to the profession, and thanks those who have contributed to the work of the Institute over the previous twelve months.

ICAS Admissions Ceremony (Saturday 13 April 2024, EICC)

The ICAS Admissions Ceremony is the culmination of a new Chartered Accountant’s training contract, and an opportunity to celebrate success with friends and family.  This year, 10 ICAS Foundation graduates and 3 mentors were officially admitted as CAs, and we were delighted to host a private reception after the event for our graduates and mentors to congratulate them in person and provide the opportunity to meet senior ICAS and ICAS Foundation members, as well as others involved with the ICAS Foundation.

(Left to Right: ICAS Foundation Director Sanjay Singh, ICAS Vice-President Karen Scholes CA, ICAS Deputy President Clive Bellingham CA,  graduate Kara Brown CA, graduate and mentor Eryn Paterson CA, graduate Cameron Dunlop CA, mentor Laura Hain CA, ICAS Foundation Chairman Norman Murray CA, graduate and mentor Laura Mansley CA, graduate Dean Scobie CA, ICAS Deputy President Alison Cornwell CA and ICAS Foundation Head of Volunteering and Programmes Amy Drysdale.)

We were especially proud that one of our graduates, Eryn Paterson CA, was chosen from the ICAS class of 2023 to deliver the Ceremony’s keynote address. Speaking about her experience of CA training and helping to set up KPMG’s first social mobility network, and the benefits she has gained as part of the Foundation student and alumni programmes, Eryn delivered her speech with poise and grace to a captivated audience.

For all new CAs, Eryn shared the key lessons she has learned from her journey so far:

  • “Life is full of adversity, how we adapt and overcome, is where the true victory lies. It might not feel like it at the time, but the toughest times in your life may be the biggest lessons learned.”
  • “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. When we step outside of our comfort zone, we grow. There is a tremendous risk in playing it safe.”
  • “Take full advantage of the people around you. You now have a highly influential network of CAs around you, who want to help you succeed.”

Eryn Paterson CA delivering the ICAS Admissions keynote address

Outgoing ICAS President Clive Bellingham CA also delivered a speech welcoming new CAs to the profession, and encouraging those in attendance to look ahead and see what opportunities are now open with the passport of the CA qualification. He also noted that with its power, also comes great responsibility, as those in attendance follow in the footsteps of other CAs to become the architects of ICAS’s future – ensuring that the profession has a bright future ahead.

You can watch Eryn’s speech via the ICAS YouTube Channel, or see the Admission Ceremony highlights via the ICAS website.

ICAS Dinner (Thursday 21 March 2024, National Museums Scotland)

The ICAS Dinner is a celebration of the hard work of volunteers and supporters of ICAS, and those who have achieved exceptional results in their ICAS exams. The ICAS Foundation hosted a table at this year’s black-tie dinner, with attendees including the Foundation’s trustees, graduates, new CAs and mentors.

(Left to Right: ICAS Foundation graduates Eryn Paterson CA, Dean Scobie CA, Laura Mansley CA, Emma Garvie, ICAS Foundation Head of Volunteering and Programmes Amy Drysdale, ICAS Foundation graduates Amy Vincent, Chloe Hastie, Liam Guthrie CA, Ryan Brown, and ICAS Foundation mentor Danielle Devoy)

We were particularly proud that ICAS Foundation graduate Ryan Brown was presented with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Award in recognition of his outstanding performance at TPE level. We were also delighted that over £2,100 was raised on behalf of the Foundation from attendees on the night, all of which will go towards supporting future students joining the Foundation’s flagship ‘Nurturing Talent’ programme.

Thank you to all of those who attended the Admissions Ceremony and Dinner with us, and we look forward to celebrating our students’ success again soon!

(Left to Right: ICAS Foundation Head of Volunteering and Programmes Amy Drysdale,  graduates Emma Garvie, Chloe Hastie, Amy Vincent, mentor Gary Motherwell CA, graduates Eryn Paterson CA, Liam Guthrie CA, Dean Scobie CA, Laura Mansley CA, Ryan Brown, Trustee and mentor Chris Docherty CA, Trustee Geraldine Gammell CA and graduate Dylan Palmer.)


The ICAS Foundation is a registered Scottish charity No SC034836.

To find out more about the ICAS Foundation, visit the website at www.icasfoundation.org.uk. You can support its work by donating, volunteering to mentor a student or providing an internship or work placement. You can also contact us to discuss a specific area where you would like to help.