Meet Foundation Student Emma G

Education: Glasgow Caledonian University - Accountancy - Graduated 2023 with First Class Honours

Role: Audit and Assurance Associate at Deloitte

Top Tip: “Speak with your mentor as much as you can - ask lots of questions because they’re there to help.”

From an early stage, I was interested in maths and business, so when I started looking at university courses, I was drawn to Accounting since it combined both of these areas. I knew I wanted to keep studying beyond school, so my teacher told me about the Foundation programme, which would give me the opportunity to find out more about the accountancy profession, and offer additional support while I was studying.

I chose Glasgow Caledonian because of its focus on helping students progress into a career after university - I enjoyed the variety of classes, and the lecturers were very supportive. Having the Foundation bursary really enhanced my university experience - I was able to buy a laptop when I started studying, and then when classes moved online due to the pandemic, I bought a desk and chair so it was easier to study at home.

Having a Chartered Accountant as my mentor throughout my time at university was incredibly valuable. I could ask questions, especially in my later years when I was writing my CV and applying for opportunities. At university, I studied the theory of accounting and current issues in the profession, but my mentor could then answer my questions about what I was learning by sharing her practical experience of working in the sector.

For me, the main benefit of the Foundation programme was exposure to the professional accountancy environment. I found out about opportunities for work experience at an earlier stage than others on my course, and I could then talk about this experience in later interviews. It seems like graduation is so far away when you start university, but gaining that hands-on experience at an early stage was so important for me. I was able to try out different business areas in my internships, and I received my graduate job offer from Deloitte after a successful summer internship before my final year of studies.

Working at a Big Four company like Deloitte offers lots of opportunities to learn and gain experience in a variety of areas.  Right now, I’m completing my ICAS training in an Audit role, but I’m looking forward to discovering what other potential pathways open up once I have the ICAS CA qualification.

I really enjoyed being part of the ICAS Foundation programme - I didn’t know a lot about the accountancy profession when I started at university, so having the Foundation’s support while I was studying definitely gave me a head start for my future career. I would recommend it for anyone!


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