Other Ways to Support Us

You can discover why some of our donors support the ICAS Foundation financially in the November 2020 CA Magazine, and find out how your donation can help future students reach their academic ambitions in our student stories.

Along with donating directly through our online platform, you can also donate in other ways to the ICAS Foundation:

Donate through your CA Annual Renewal

Every ICAS member has the opportunity to donate while completing their Annual Membership Renewal.

Donate While You Shop

Easyfundraising work with various retailers who donate to charity when you shop with them. The donation is normally a percentage of how much you spend. To make a donation, start your shopping at the Easyfundraising site and then use their links to the retailer website, or download their Donation Reminder to automatically alert you if the site you are browsing offers a donation.

Other Ways to Donate

Please contact us to discuss other ways you would like to donate or support the Foundation.