Supporting Student Development

Career Development Resources

The links above are updated and sent directly to relevant students around October each year. We regularly ask students to provide updates on their applications, so we can assess how they are engaging with this process. We appreciate your support as mentors in ensuring students understand the importance of scheduling time to complete and submit applications alongside, and as part of, their academic study plan.

Our students regularly receive graduate job offers as a result of successful summer internships, and may also receive internship offers as a result of successful insight opportunities. We strongly encourage students to apply for opportunities at the relevant stage of their studies, to ensure they have the best opportunity possible to achieve a graduate role post-university.

If students are unsuccessful in applications, please remind them to ask for feedback from the potential employer, so the student knows where they need to focus attention.  Please review potential interview questions with your student, and if possible, offer a mock interview with a colleague who has experience in sitting on interview panels. If this isn't possible, students can also contact their university career service for additional support.

The Student Development Toolkit continues to be a useful resource for students and mentors, with tips for personal development, CV and cover letter writing as well as job hunting. You can access the current version here. If you have any suggestions for future improvements, please let us know so we can keep this on file for the next edition.

There are a wide range of online webinars available through the ICAS website on a diverse range of topics, including careers and other areas which may be relevant to your student's studies. This is a great way for students to develop their knowledge of the accounting profession and find out more about current issues in the sector which may come up at interview.

Personal Development Resources

The Welcome Guide for New Students also covers a wide range of topics relevant to mentoring, including expectations of all ICAS Foundation students, and ways to find support if facing challenges at university.

If your student is facing academic challenges, please remind them that their university has study support services available to help them. These sessions are free to all students and often cover useful topics such as assignment and presentation preparation, exam revision and dissertation planning.

If you are concerned about your student's personal wellbeing, please let us know. We advise our students to seek professional assistance where required, for example through the university Student Counselling Service or a referral from the student’s GP. Students considering a suspension of studies should let us know as soon as possible, so that we can evaluate how best we can offer support during that period.

The ICAS Foundation Board Member covering Health and Wellbeing is Foundation graduate Ryan McVey CA, who liaises with the ICAS Foundation staff team regarding any current areas of concern. His remit includes areas such as general health and wellbeing concerns faced by Foundation students, and the support in place for mentors to ensure they can assist students and know how to direct students to more appropriate sources of assistance when required.