'Nurturing Talent' Programme - Supporting You - Bursary

Your bursary is designed to support your academic studies and your personal development as you think about your future career. Some ways students use their bursary are:

  • Academic Studies: purchase of laptop, printer, stationary, textbooks and other study materials.
  • Living Expenses: accommodation rent, bills or a proportional contribution to household expenses if living at home.
  • Personal Development: additional paid courses or journal subscriptions, internship travel expenses or membership fees for relevant university societies or events.

The exact amount you are offered will depend on your household income and personal circumstances, and is confirmed in your offer paperwork.

Bursary payments are paid in 2 instalments each year, usually:

  • Semester 1: October
  • Semester 2: February

Payments are only processed when we have all the information we’ve requested, so you should ensure you return any required paperwork as and when requested.

Some students may receive their payments at different times if their bursary is partly funded by one of our partners. If this applies to your bursary, then there will be more details in your offer paperwork.



All students on the ICAS Foundation programme are required to meet the conditions of our support, which are set out in the Letter of Conditions issued when you join the programme.  This includes informing us about any change in your circumstances, including changes to your household income or any support you may be offered by your university, and any change in contact details. There is more information about the conditions of our support, and the types of changes in circumstances you might experience, in our Welcome Guide for New Students.

Useful Documents

You can download these documents via the links below: