Spring 2024 Insight Opportunities / Work Experience (Autumn 2023 Applications)

Whilst you are at university, it is important to make use of your available time to gain relevant experience in the sector. Some companies offer specific short-term opportunities for students in the second year of a four-year course or the first year of a three-year course. These usually take place in the spring of each year and are sometimes known as Spring Insight Weeks. These opportunities provide valuable experience, and we have ICAS Foundation students who have successfully participated in these and received both summer internship and graduate job offers as a result.

These opportunities for 2024 are now starting to be advertised. As has been common in recent years, we expect there will be a high demand for these roles - we would therefore encourage you to apply as soon as possible, particularly if roles are scheduled to close soon. (Companies can also close opportunities before the advertised closing date if they receive sufficient applications, so please do not assume that vacancies will remain open until the advertised date.)

It is important to remember how important relevant experience can be to your future career prospects, and as  ICAS Foundation students, we do expect you to be proactive in making applications based on the information we provide.

We would also encourage you to apply to a wide range of opportunities, so you can keep your options open – we regularly see some students only submitting a small number of applications who are then unsuccessful in finding an opportunity. (As a guideline, most of our students had to submit at least 10-12 applications in order to achieve a role in 2023.)

  • If you have already secured a spring insight opportunity or work experience for spring 2024, please can you provide us with details (including your employer, the role title, the location and duration)
  • If you are still looking for a role for 2024, please let us know what applications you have submitted and if you have any specific areas of interest

Please remember though: standard internship opportunities are not generally open to students at your stage of studies (second year of a four-year course or first year of a three-year course). If you focus on speculative applications or programmes not designed for students at your level, then it's less likely you will be successful in your applications. The list below shows opportunities specifically for students at your stage of studies.

The ICAS Foundation Student Development Toolkit has a range of information and links to help you with job applications – it is available on our website at https://www.icasfoundation.org.uk/community/current-students. We would also encourage you to use any additional resources available through your university careers service, who can assist with application and interview preparation, and point you towards other helpful websites to find opportunities.

The ICAS Foundation wishes you the best of success in your search for work experience opportunities. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about the application process.


Now Open

Deloitte - Spring into Deloitte (Glasgow / Birmingham / London + Virtual Option) - closes 1 December but possibly earlier, please note that there is a virtual option for this paid opportunity.  Opportunities are open to everyone, although applicants meeting Deloitte diversity criteria (black talent / women) are prioritised.

JP Morgan (London for JP Morgan / Tech, Glasgow for Tech only) - closes 26 November

Morgan Stanley - closes December, see Operations Spring Insight in Glasgow or ISG / MSIM Spring Insight in London

PwC (offices across the UK, apply as soon as possible) - Black Talent in Business (Glasgow / Birmingham and more) and Women in Business (Glasgow / Birmingham and more). Opportunities are open to everyone, although applicants meeting PwC diversity criteria (black talent / women) are prioritised.

BlackRock (London) - Investments closes 17 November, all other opportunities close 8 December.


Now Open - Investment Banking Focused

BNP Paribas (London)

Goldman Sachs (Get Set for GS Spring Insight Event - one day event in London / Birmingham) - closes 19 November

Lazard (London) - closes 6 November

UBS (Tomorrow's Talent programme - London)


Opening Soon

EY -  Black Heritage in Business / Women in Leadership (Glasgow / London / Manchester) - accommodation and travel has previously been covered by EY for this opportunity.

KPMG Insight Programmes

Barclays Discovery Programme

NatWest Insight Experiences - Black Talent and Women

BDO Black Heritage Virtual Insight Programme

Deutsche Bank Rise, Grow and Spring into Banking programmes

HSBC - Head Start Programme (various offices)

RSM - Work Shadowing (various offices)

BrightNetwork Internship Experience UK - applications usually open May each year.


Opening Soon - Investment Banking Focused

Bank of America (London)

Citi (London) - search Pre-Internships


Open All Year

Forage offers free access to online job simulations, working with major companies including KPMG, JP Morgan Chase & Co, Goldman Sachs and PwC. You can find groups of job simulations in areas such as: